How to wear Cocktail Rings

How to wear Cocktail Rings

How To Wear Cocktail Rings

For everyone who enjoys fashion trend and add some extravagant look, learning how to wear cocktail rings is a must-do thing. Are you a beauty fanatic looking for ways to add grandeur to your outfits? If your love for cocktail rings doesn’t match your competence, no need to worry. We’ve got an amazing jewelry guide to usher you into a life full of glamour and beauty excellence. In this guide, you’re going to find everything you need to know about how to wear a variety of cocktail rings for every occasion.

Nothing feels better than wearing an eye catching accessory that adds elegance to your outfit. As a modern woman, the holidays are here with us and you’ve got lots of seasonal festivities and events to attend. If you are intentional about spending your holidays in style, choosing for a perfect cocktail ring that suits your lifestyle can be the next big thing ever.

7 tips how you wear Cocktail Ring matters

You may invest lots of your money to buy a sparkling accessory but how you wear it matters a lot. A cocktail ring is not an exceptional in this case. It’s got to be perfectly fitted on your fingers if you expect a blast in your outlooks.

 Determine Your Skin Tone

Since the cocktail rings occupy the prominent area on the hands. The colors of metal have to flatter your skin tone. Our skin has undertones that will look great with certain metals or color of textiles. The way to observe what metal looks best on you is to try them on. Use the following tips to determine your skin tone and what the metal best match your tone.

The simplest test uses a plain white paper in natural light. Hold the paper up to your wrist and compare your skin color to the white paper. If your skin looks yellowish, greenish, or light brown, you got a warm skin tone. The best metal for you is yellow gold, rose gold metal and brass. If your skin looks pink, rosy, or blue, you got a cool skin tone. You should look great in white gold, platinum, or silver. If your skin looks grayish or ashen, you are a neutral skin tone. You can wear any metal from white to yellow.

Consider your Wardrobe and Style

Cocktail rings should complement your outfit and personal style. Since cocktail rings are not versatile, they typically match with specific outfits. If you are wearing a plain, simple outfit, you can wear more flashy cocktail rings to transform your outfit. If you are wearing an outfit with a loud print, your rings should be more subdued.

For example, you would not wear a colorful cocktail ring with a leopard pattern top. However, you could be more glam with an edgy black cocktail ring with gold metal. If you are new to accessorizing, invest in a high-quality neutral tone cocktail ring. These tones are appropriate for every occasion and will easily complement the majority color of your wardrobe.

Mix and Match

If you really want to up the glam factor, layer a stunning ring with several other eye-catching pieces, such as a splendid bracelet or a dazzling necklace. You can even do several cocktail rings at once for an elegant bohemian look. Have fun to mix up different metals. Another way to mix and match is by playing with color, size, and texture.

When mix and match is done right, it can add a more stylish appealing to the overall look. But when it comes to adding jewelry, it’s really easy to go over-accessorizing and look too much costume if you’re not careful. It is just all about building a balance between all of them and letting them complement each other. It’s so fun to create personalized mix of jewelry collection, just as long as you keep the proportions right.

Less is More

When it comes to picking the right jewelry, one of the best rules is that less is more. Wearing a few pieces of chic jewelry or rings are really all you truly need. It is absolutely a better choice than trying to pack all of your favorite jewelry pieces together. When you choose jewelry, remember to enhance your look, without actually overdone it.

Balance Rings with other Jewelry

When overloading your hands with multiple rings and other jewelry, the result is the individual elements become hard to appreciate. Try to balance jewelry on the other hand. Don’t crowd a bunch of rings, watch, and bracelets on one hand while leaving the other completely free. You should balance your jewellery on both hands. If you have a wedding band and watch on one hand, then one or two rings would work nicely on the other hand, for example.

Consider the quality and comfort

When wearing an attention-getting ring, keep in mind people will look. Thus, you need to choose the high-qualified, good-clarity and sparkling ones, no matter they are precious stones or semiprecious or synthetic stones. In other words, you want to look classy and you should stay away from something look low-quality and cheap.

Furthermore, consider the comfort and rings that bring you joy and that you’ll actually wear. This will inspire you to wear your treasured items more often. For all that attention you grapping, don’t forget your nails should be perfectly trimmed and do a nail polish that flawlessly matches with the gemstone on your finger.

Metal Allergy

Wearing cocktail ring is supposed to be fun and creative. However, if you know you allergic to nickel, you should be cautious. You should wear quality metal including sterling silver which does not have any nickel. Alternatively, 22k or 18k gold doesn’t have enough nickel inside to irritate an allergic reaction. However, 10k gold (and perhaps 14k) and gold plated jewelry may contain nickel. It is a primary guideline, and not a rule for that to happen, but it’s best to check with your jeweler before buying a cocktail ring.

What no one tell you about Cocktail Rings

As a fashion enthusiast or a celebrity, there’s more to life than just buying an expensive outfit. Life can’t be complete without complementing your outfits with trendy jewelry that suits your lifestyle. You may be on your favorite gold dress, a pair of black high heels and your hair awesomely styled but this does not break the ordinary.

Interestingly, when you try wearing cocktail rings, hold a cozy purse with an elegant wrist bangle or watch and of course beautifully trimmed and polished nails, everyone’s eyes will be on you. Why? You look more divinely outstanding with your ideal blend of cocktail rings than ever before.

Is Cocktail Ring the thing for me?

Whether you’ve got short or long nails, flabby or slender fingers, you can always find an idyllic cocktail ring to complement your outfits. The market has a vast variety of cocktail rings for everyone to match their cravings for elegance and splendor. So, don’t be left behind.

All you need is to purchase a cocktail ring that boosts your confidence and style. Try to fit in different cocktail rings variety and go for one that speaks about your lifestyle. Check again and find the ideal statement band that matches with most of your outfits for a perfect wardrobe makeover.

Need help with cocktail rings?

If you are purchasing your first cocktail ring and you really don’t know how to go about it, you can find help. Talk to your local fashion and beauty specialists and let them help you find the most ideal cocktail ring for the occasion. At times, trying something new can be tricky and you need to talk to those who know it better to make sure you don’t miss out on the point.

If you are a beauty fanatic who wants to have the most outstanding looks in the room, your dreams can become a variety if you know how to wear cocktail rings. There are different cocktail rings ideal for every occasion. It’s up to you now to find that perfect statement piece that defines your lifestyle and enjoy a creatively charged life of your dream.

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